The Advocacy Consortium for Entrepreneurs will improve the environment for entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (UW), striving to increase the number and success rate of ventures started and to reduce barriers to entrepreneurship to make UW a nationally recognized leader in university-based entrepreneurship. 


To improve the environment for UW entrepreneurship, ACE will: 

  • Advocate to influence UW policy and government legislation that affects entrepreneurship
  • Create a support and knowledge-sharing community for entrepreneurship, including linkage to resources
  • Provide role models for and mentoring of UW ventures
  • Provide visibility and positive recognition for UW entrepreneurs and the impact of their ventures both for the university and broader community. This will include: 
    • Keeping an inventory of UW faculty/staff/post-doc and grad student entrepreneurs
    • Commissioning research on the economic and social benefits of their activities
  • Facilitate the development of an entrepreneurship curriculum at UW


An academic entrepreneur is any faculty, staff,
post-doctoral fellow or graduate student who is taking University of Wisconsin-derived ideas and applying them to enterprises outside the UW. An entrepreneur is a person who animates the "Wisconsin Idea".