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Membership Structure

Current and former UW faculty, staff, and trainees (post-undergraduate level), across all campus disciplines, who have: 

  • Founded a for-profit business, service, consultancy or studio
  • Created a non-profit enterprise or service that transitions UW knowledge to the public

UW faculty, staff, trainees (post-undergraduate level) who: 

  • Want to start an enterprise or advocate entrepreneurism
  • Participated in the R&D or team effort that launched a UW spin-out venture

Individuals or organizations interested in facilitating UW entrepreneurship (non-voting members)

  • Could be companies, organizations, UW undergraduate student entrepreneurs' groups, or other supportive individuals or philanthropies

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Current Advisory Board

Rock Mackie (Medical Physics)
Stephanie Jutt (Music)
David Beebe (Biomedical Engineering)
Joanne Robbins (Medicine)
Max Lagally (Materials Science & Engineering)
Mark Cook (Animal Science)
Dick Burgess (Oncology)
Sarah Marty (Liberal Studies & the Arts)
Dan Olszewski (Business)
Christoper Taylor (Music)
Christopher Konop (Department of Zoology)

With Support From

Allen Dines (WISC Partners)
Anne Smith & the UW Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic

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