What We Are: 

  • Focal point for support of UW entrepreneurs, stimulating campus-based start-up ventures, including scientific, social and artistic, whether for profit or not-for-profit: 
    • Becomes source of knowledge and mentoring regarding university policies and entrepreneurial best practices
    • Provides connection to entrepreneurial resources for UW faculty/staff/grad students/post-docs, to facilitate their entrepreneurship
    • Promotes and gives visibility to campus entrepreneurs
  • Advocate for developing UW policy and curriculum that best supports the creation of new ventures
  • Voice for state and federal policy that best supports entrepreneurial development
  • Social network connecting UW faculty/staff entrepreneurs with each other, student entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs
  • Go-to source of information on UW entrepreneurs, and their economic and social impacts

What We Are Not :

  • Source of funds for new ventures
  • A business incubator
  • An economic-development entity
  • A technology transfer agency
  • Affiliated with UW system management